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About the program 🚀

Decentralized Identity (DID) is the ground stone for an interoperable, self-sovereign Web…

Litentry this week:

  • Testnet: Initiatives for refactoring Litentry nodes
  • Complete the MCP NFT contract /MerkleProof distributor
  • Chinese and German team retreat: snapshots, workshop, brainstorming


  • Research XCM related pallets
  • Integration of parachain docker-image into our CI
  • Investigation and documentation of “Removal of sudo” in parachain
  • Research democracy and WeightToFee pallet


  • Upgraded Social Linker Extension to Manifest V3
  • Integrated Sentry releases for Social Linker Extension and Webapp
  • Added a guide on how to set an Identity
  • Refactored identity and add update identity and request judgement

Chinese and German team retreat

💚 Litentry this week:

  • Testnet: token migration security
  • Completed the NFT indexer spike with MongoDB, graphql & the webapp
  • Opinion: 👾 the bottom-up NFT creator economy
  • Parachain slot auction plan update: Litentry will participate directly in the Polkadot auction

Testnet: token migration security

  • Investigated the token migration security
  • AuraExt pallet research
  • Crucial pallet research


  • Completed the NFT indexer spike with mongodb, graphql & the webapp
  • Worked on logging system (efk stack)
  • Upgraded Litentry registrar
  • Dockerfile and daemon preparation for parachain

👾 Opinion: the bottom-up NFT creator economy

One week after launching our new product, My Crypto Profile, we have received a lot of attention and positive feedback from the community. Thank you all for your support! The product is still in the early stage, and all of your opinions are very valuable to us. We will listen to and adopt them, and integrate more of your needs and ideas in the subsequent product iterations.

A few takeaways in this past week:

  • My Crypto Profile launched on Product Hunt, a Product launching platform for the tech entrepreneur community. We got 262 upvotes on the first day, ranking fifth…

Litentry this week:

  • My Crypto Profile product launch and introduction
  • Testnet: parachain correlation studies
  • Misc: Review and improve CI code refactoring

🖼 My Crypto Profile goes live!

Table of contents:

  • Opinion: From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0
  • Testnet updates

🌉 Opinion: From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0

Internet development history

  1. Web 2.0: Web 2.0 was coined in the late 1990s as a further development of Web 1.0. At this stage, people see the Internet as a communication platform rather than a static world. User integration…

Web3.0 identity linker based on Litentry!

We are proud to announce the launch of Litentry’s latest product My Crypto Profile 🚀

My Crypto Profile is an identity linking tool for blockchains and social media platforms. Leveraging the automatic multi-platform verification solution from Litentry, My Crypto Profile allows you to link your Ethereum address with your Twitter and prove your account ownership.

Showcase your NFTs on Twitter!

Happy belated Chinese Valentine’s Day! We decided to make some new attempts on the weekly: In addition to technology updates, product plans, market dynamics, etc., we will also incorporate team members’ opinions and thinking.

Table of contents:

  • Opinion: Experimentation with stakeholder capitalism in blockchain ecology
  • IMe x Litentry: real-time LIT transfer and staking pools plan
  • Playback: Substrate Saturday — XCM message interpretation and construction
  • Technical updates

🔮 Opinion: Experimentation with stakeholder capitalism in blockchain ecology

A stakeholder was first defined by the Stanford Research Institute in 1963 as a member of “groups without whose support the organization would cease to…

🍂 The very first weekly report of the fall.

Litentry WebApp is one of the core products in our decentralized identity aggregation protocol. At present, WebApp has four functional sections, covering Identity, Funds, Governance and NFT. Last week we covered in detail the five main features in the NFT Pallet, and this week we’ll take a comprehensive look at each of the existing pallets in WebApp.

  1. Identity

✨ The development of the NFT pallet that everyone is eyeing is progressing smoothly!

Litentry’s NFT pallet will facilitate the construction of identity racetracks and DAO governance and will be applied to Litentry’s technical architecture for identity score computing. At present, the back-end of the NFT pallet has the basic functions related to NFT, and we have also built the corresponding API to debug the existing functions.


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