Originating from the concept of Web3, Litentry grows over the Substrate framework and sparkles in the Polkadot ecosystem. Becoming a Parachain is an important milestone for Litentry to deploy its Mainnet and gain the shared security of the Polkadot blockchain.

5 years since the vision of a heterogeneous multichain framework…

Now newly referred users on Binance can earn a 20% rebate plus 5 LIT tokens! If you’re already on Binance, invite your friends to register using our referral link, you and your friends can both earn 5 LIT tokens in addition to their 20% commission. (P.s. …

We only get one planet Earth and it’s our duty to protect it. Nature is intrinsically linked from iconic animals to towering trees to tiny plankton, it’s all part of fragile ecosystems that are greater than us but that we very much depend on.

Litentry is joining Binance Tree Millions


  • Created an initial collation fee plan
  • Conclusions made on hosting service selection
  • Internal sharing of pallet democracy

Governance App

  • Finished meetings and planning for implementation of non-custodial wallet. …

We are delighted to announce our cooperation with Rangers Protocol — a future virtual world blockchain infrastructure, fully compatible with Ethereum. Ranger will leverage Litentry’s metaverse identity product My Crypto Profile as a tool for identity verification and enable users to show their crypto identity on major social media platforms…

Litentry this week:

  • Testnet: Local experiments of try-runtime and runtime upgrade
  • Launched DID startups program, an incubator for decentralized identity projects
  • Opinion: The evolvement of digital identity


  • Cumulus pallets research
  • Adapted the account linker pallet into sgx execution
  • Added collator related pallets to parachain
  • Local experiments of…

What is DID(decentralized identity) x DeFi credit and how do we see this combination evolve? In this article, we’ve invited Catherine from DeCredit, an off-chain credit oracle project, which is also a member of our DID Startup Program, to shed some light on this question.

  1. What is DID x DeFi…


  • Our first batch of teams include PNS(Polkadot Name Services), DeCredit (off-chain credit oracle) and zCloack(zero-knowledge proof as service)
  • Apply if you’re actively building something cool on DID. Though this is not…


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